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Why TrueNorth?

We believe the most effective marketing strategies must align with a business’s overall objectives. By identifying your business goals and setting expectations, we define your desired destination, or TrueNorth. Orientation and positioning determine your path. These principles apply not only to navigation, but also to the development and implementation of your next successful marketing strategy.


When using a compass, the first step in our journey is to identify our true north. Depending on where we are standing or which direction we face, north may not be right ahead. We would never take the first step without knowing if we are headed in the right direction. Why should developing and implementing a marketing strategy be any different?

Our Methodology

Pinning down a marketing strategy can be difficult, because there is no magic formula and the environment is constantly evolving. At TrueNorth, we work with businesses to understand their current strengths and weaknesses, target clients, and most importantly business goals, in order to develop marketing strategies that general results.

Our Team of Experts

Bianca Saltz-Musli

President & Founder

Bianca is a Marketing and Development Strategist with over a decade of experience in partnering with company leaders to craft, deploy, and optimize customized marketing strategies.


She founded TrueNorth with the goal of providing businesses more results-oriented and sustainable marketing strategies. Bianca works closely with our clients to ensure we continuously exceed client expectations. Bianca holds an MBA in Marketing & International Management from The University of Miami and a BA from Brandeis University. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently resides in Miami Shores, Florida. She is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Rey leads the TrueNorth team in developing long-lasting client relationships and strategic partnerships. His decades of experience in production, public relations, and business development, help us provide our clients with creative brand strategies and innovative approaches to growing their businesses. Rey is truly a connector of people and an advocate for our clients, firmly believing “Your success is our success.”

He is actively engaged with South Florida’s business community and holds leadership positions with Miami’s Spain, Italy, France, and Gay & Lesbian Chambers of Commerce. When a new client joins the TrueNorth family, Rey goes above and beyond to welcome and help them cultivate a positive reputation in the local business community.

Rey decided to go back to college to increase his knowledge. He obtained his A.A. in 2015 and his B.A in Marketing in 2017 from San Ignacio College. He is a strong supporter of numerous charitable organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, Miami City Ballet, MOCA Museum, and the Greater Miami & the Beaches Association. Originally from Maracay, Venezuela, Rey now lives in Miami are with his husband, two dogs, a cat, and a few other feral neighborhood animals.

Rey Hernández

Director of Client Development

Proud member of

We believe every business is different and each company requires a customized marketing strategy- We help you find your own TrueNorth.

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