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Why TrueNorth?

We believe the most effective marketing strategies must align with a business’s overall objectives. By identifying your business goals and setting expectations, we define your desired destination, or TrueNorth. Orientation and positioning determine your path. These principles apply not only to navigation, but also to the development and implementation of your next successful marketing strategy.


When using a compass, the first step in our journey is to identify our true north. Depending on where we are standing or which direction we face, north may not be right ahead. We would never take the first step without knowing if we are headed in the right direction. Why should developing and implementing a marketing strategy be any different?

Our Methodology

Pinning down a marketing strategy can be difficult, because there is no magic formula and the environment is constantly evolving. At TrueNorth, we work with businesses to understand their current strengths and weaknesses, target clients, and most importantly business goals, in order to develop marketing strategies that general results.

Bianca Saltz-Musli

President & Founder

Bianca Saltz is a Marketing and Development Strategist with over a decade of experience in partnering with company leaders to craft, deploy, and optimize customized marketing strategies.


She founded TrueNorth with the goal of providing businesses more results-oriented and sustainable marketing strategies. Bianca works closely with clients to ensure their expectations are continuously exceeded. Bianca holds an MBA in Marketing & International Management from The University of Miami and a BA from Brandeis University. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently resides in Miami Shores, Florida. She is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Rey Hernández leads the TrueNorth team in developing long-lasting client relationships and strategic partnerships. His decades of experience in production, public relations and business development, help provide clients with creative brand strategies and innovative approaches to growing their businesses. Rey is truly a connector of people and an advocate for clients, firmly believing “Your success is our success.”

Rey is actively engaged with South Florida’s business community and holds leadership positions with Miami’s Spain, Italy, France, and Gay & Lesbian Chambers of Commerce. When a new client joins the TrueNorth family, Rey goes above and beyond to welcome and help them cultivate a positive reputation in the local business community.

Rey continued his education by obtained his B.A in Marketing in from San Ignacio College. He is a strong supporter of numerous charitable organizations in Miami. Originally from Maracay, Venezuela, Rey now lives in West Palm Beach with his husband, two dogs, a cat.

Rey Hernández

Director of Client Development

Proud member of

We believe every business is different and each company requires a customized marketing strategy- We help you find your own TrueNorth.

Our Team of Experts

International Trade Negotiator with more than 10 years of experience in the most innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality, Mixed Realities and Metaverses applied to marketing and advertising.

Speaker for Colombia 3.0 2013 of the Mintic, Colombia; Innovation Live 2014, talks of SENA, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF BOGOTÁ, among others.
He made several technological contributions to the virtual presentation of the 2015 Góndola of Fenalco Presidency Colombia in its 70 years with the first AVATAR in real time as presenter of the event, developer of projects for public transport in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

Participated in the digitization of the sea bottom for an Ives Cousteau project, notably standing out and reaching international agreements in the United States, Germany, Romania, Italy and Portugal, leading projects of great international recognition in the advertising media sectors as a promoter of projects made up of professionals specialized in perfectly covering current online needs. Providing an INCREASE IN EFFICIENCY, AWARENESS and ADDED VALUE of any Marketing initiative or other collaborations, especially based on new technologies.

Victor Daza

Cool Business Hunter

Raquel Santos

Marketing and Communication Counselor

Raquel is a bilingual marketing and communications expert, with more than 20 years of extensive experience, leading strategic growth initiatives in different categories and disciplines in the marketing and communication industry. She is a passionate and flexible coach who works in fast-changing environments, capable of utilizing different leadership styles, to help talents to adapt and keep up with the pace of change.
Raquel has proven success guiding multi-disciplinary communication teams to make marketing and advertising campaigns happen. She uses empathy and motivational skills to inspire people to perform at their highest level, whilst delivering sustainable results. As a counselor, she helps experienced C-Level Executives and leaders, who are facing professional challenges.
She is also a motivator and coach, who during unprecedented times (Covid-19), works with both groups and individuals, listens to them with empathy, and encourages them to share all their concerns in order to offer ideas and solutions to successfully advance through challenges such as exhaustion, fear, vulnerability, uncertainty among many others.

Oscar is one of those creative directors who possesses exceptional communication, presentation, problem-solving, and project-management abilities. With over ten (10) years of experience as a Sr. Creative Supervisor, then Creative Director for Nickelodeon & Nick Jr channel he was involved in the creation and development of much trendy and commercial content for the channel´s look & feel and to meet client needs.

Now as a part of the TrueNorth team and with his elevated soft skills he inspires creativity among us in the creation and editing of concepts and communication content such as: interactive campaigns (on-air, off-air, and on-line), spots, advertising spots, billboards, poster and other communications and advertising tools. Oscar always anticipates and understands the communication trends of the moment ensuring the client’s identity continuity and allows for efficient and effective communication with the target audiences of all client channels.

Oscar Gramajo

Creative Director | Copywriter | Branding Storyteller

Carlos Rusconi

Content Partner

As a Direction and General Management, Carlos has spent the last 20 years focusing on the development of specialized strategies for digital integration with massive and online media as well as in place promotions and programs. In Carlos’s opinion, advertising must show measurable results. That is why he has used his experience to recover business with profit challenges, lead winning teams and motivate them to achieve clients’ goals, working effectively with different structures and talents with ample experience in Creative as the Key.
Because of his talent and contribution, Carlos and the team he has worked with, had achieved Awards and Recognitions. Among many others:
FIAP 3 finalists, 2 Gold, 2 best advertising for country.
NEW YORK FESTIVAL AWARDS 1 Bronze, 7 finalists
CLIO AWARDS 1 finalist
EFFIE AWARDS 6 finalists
CANNES LIONS 1 finalist and lead Ghersy Winner Team for Young Creatives
OJO DE IBEROAMERICA 3 shortlist, 11 finalists, 1 Gold, 1 Silver
CARIBBEAN FESTIVAL 2 bronze in print, 1 finalist, 1 grand prix

Social media is very important in today’s society. Social media are web-based online tools that allow people to discover and learn new information, share ideas, and interact with new people and organizations. It has changed the way people live today, and it has made communication much easier, as Wendy is well aware. As a founder of “YourHelpfulWendy” she is passionate about all things on social media such as travel, hospitality, event planning, and of course, food. Her mission is to help people find happiness and more adventure in their life through travel and lifestyle choices. Her followers come to her to learn about exciting new products, businesses, and destinations.
In addition to speaking Spanish, English and Arabic plus her experience working with major social media platforms allows her to aid diverse brands by helping them expand their online presence whether they are large and tapping into new markets, or local and establishing themselves. Her blog is dedicated to promoting tourism by joining the business and consolidating resources for a positive passageway to traveling.

Wendy Abdulmesih

Social Media Manager

Juan Pablo Castro

Photographer, Videographer & Content Creator

Starting during his industrial design studies where he connected with shape, structure, and movement, Juan Pablo’s visual journey is quite unique. His body of work explores new vanguards and the boundaries of his own imagination. Bold images taken from his particular world give us expert photographs and videos where fashion, color and expression collide.
His work has been featured in Vogue Mexico, L’Officiel, and Elle Decor Magazines; creating content for luxury brands Burberry and Montblanc; and in public exhibitions presented by Ralph Pucci international and by Miami Beach Convention Center during Art Basel. Juan Pablo is rapidly becoming a favorite photographer for Miami’s top creators and artists.

Ricardo is a MBA professional with 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Operations, Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, and Process Improvement with solid management skills, and experience in different industries. He is an innovative and analytic professional with the proven ability to streamline workflow and process, implement successful solutions to decrease expenses improving efficiency and revenue. Strong knowledge in executing best practices.

Ricardo Torres

Marketing & Operations Specialist

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